3 Reasons to Use a Mobile Phone For Your Vlog

Vlogging is not an easy game; in fact, it can be argued it is one of the hardest ways to create meaningful and engaging content that sticks with an audience. In this short but helpful piece, we’ll look at 3 reasons why mobile phones are a great way to shoot a vlog.

They are cheaper

If you already have a phone, it’s very likely that you already own a vlogging camera. Yep, it’s that simple. Most modern phones have great cameras that take stunning, light, and vivid images that can be edited in a post and made to look professional. If you looked back even ten years ago, this type of technology in our phones was poor and had nothing of sorts. Most phones now can shoot 1080 and still remain at that resolution after the footage has been edited, exported and uploaded on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

They are lightweight

If you’re buying a more expensive piece of kit, then you’ll know that in general, they tend to be heavyweight. In comparison, a mobile phone is light and can be carried in your pocket. This simple but essential element is one of the key reasons we recommend using a phone for a vlog. Vlogging is an art form, but it doesn’t have to be limited to a high-end DSLR or ARRI camera.

They are everywhere

You guessed it; your phone goes everywhere you go. It’s a simple fact that phones are now essential to our livelihoods, meaning you don’t have to miss critical moments of your life without capturing them on your mobile device. If you are constantly using your phone, then shooting a vlog has become that much easier, you’ll already know the controls, how to utilise it for better imagery, and most importantly, it won’t cost you a penny extra in comparison to buying an entire kit to shoot your videos.