What is a “Computer Air Duster” (or Computer Duster)?

Computer Air Duster can be described as canned air. It is used to clean other objects or devices that are not possible with other methods. One way to get high is to huff Computer Duster or compressed oxygen. It sounds harmless to puff canned air. However, liquidized gas chemicals are contained in household aerosol cans.

The side effects of inhaling the gas from a Computer Air Duster include hallucinations, dizziness, and a brief but intense euphoric high. Computer Air Duster can be found easily at home and purchased in a shop, making it a popular drug of abuse for young teens. However, adults could also use these household items to get high computer themed.

Computer Air Duster is considered an inhalant since it is not meant to be used to get high. However, it is often misused. Computer Air Duster can pose a serious threat to your health. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the exact number of Computer Duster deaths. Computer Duster related deaths are often due to fatal injuries or other indirect consequences.

To get high, a person inhales large quantities of toxic chemicals that then flow into their brains. This causes brain damage and death.

What is a Computer Air Duster high?

This is called a “Computer Air Duster High” and can prove to be very dangerous and even life-threatening. People who want a quick high without the risks involved will puff Computer Duster. They’ll experience the euphoria, hallucinations and euphoria. Computer Air Duster highs are brief and last only a few minutes. To extend the high, many people will continue to cough for several hours.

Computer Air Duster: Slang

These terms are street names, or slang, for Computer Air Duster abuse.

Can you get sunshine?
Sunshine is a wonderful thing
What’s the deal?
Brain duster

Computer Air Duster Addiction and Abuse is Very Common

Computer Air Duster addiction can be rare but it is possible if someone puffs canned air frequently. Computer Air Duster is most commonly used by teenagers, but it can also be used by adults older than 26 if they use inhalants frequently.

Computer Air Duster abusers may become more interested in other drugs that produce stronger and longer-lasting highs. This could encourage further drug abuse, and lead to substance use disorders that involve other illegal drugs, such as heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, or cocaine.