Computer Design

Computer Design refers to the arrangement of components in relation to one another. Each level of a system is dealt with by a designer. There are many types of issues at each level. The designer is responsible for the function and structure at each level. The structure is the foundation of all the components that are connected to one another for communication. Function refers to the activities that are part of the system.

These are the problems in computer design.

Assumption that there is an infinite speed
As it is impossible to imagine the infinite speed of a computer, it cannot be assumed. This creates problems for designers’ thinking.
Assumption that there is infinite memory
Memory, like the speed of a computer’s processor, cannot be assumed to be infinite. Computer design is prone to storage limitations.

Speed mismatch between processor and memory:

Sometimes, the speed of processor and computer stuttering memory may not be equal. Sometimes, the speed of memory and processor may not match. Design problems can be caused by a mismatch between processor and memory.
Handling bugs and other errors
Computer designers have to manage bugs and errors. Computer systems can fail due to bugs and errors. These errors can sometimes be even more dangerous.

Multiple processors:

Programming and managing multiple processors in a computer system is a huge challenge. This is a major problem in computer design.

Multiple threads

Designers are always at risk if a computer system has multiple threads. Multi-tasking and multi-processing should be possible on a computer that has multiple threads.

Memory shared:

Multiple processes can be executed simultaneously, so they share the same memory space. You should manage it in a way that prevents collisions.

Disk access:

Computer design is based on disk management. Disk access can present many problems. The system may not allow multiple disk accessing.
Performance improvements
It’s always an issue. Designers always try to simplify systems in order to improve performance and reduce power consumption.