Computer Essentials: An Online Digital Literacy Course

Computer Essentials is an online course that can be completed at your own pace. It teaches computer skills and Internet literacy to students for college, university, and the workplace. The adaptive learning system uses built-in assessments to create a customized learning plan for each student. It also takes out skills that students already know. The course includes over 75 lessons, activities and assessments. It is divided into three units.

  • Computing Fundamentals
  • Living Online
  • Application & Information Key


fComputing Fundamentals is the first unit.This unit personal computer provides a basic overview of computer skills necessary for success. It also teaches students how to get started with a computer. These are just a few lessons from Computing Fundamentals.

Common Computer Essentials Skills: This course teaches you how to use a keyboard and mouse in the most common way.
The Computer Desktop: This article explains the basics of what you can see on a computer essentials monitor and how to navigate a computer desktop.
How to Use Media: How to use flash drives and SD cards for photos, files, and other information.


Living Online is the second unit. This unit covers both privacy and security online, as well as social interactions in online communities. These are just a few lessons from Living Online.

Participating in Internet Communities: How to interact with Internet communities and how to use social media sites and apps.
Protecting your privacy: Any information that you share via the Internet can be used by other people or companies. How to keep your privacy online in the digital age
Internet Security Issues: Internet sharing can pose many security threats. Find out how to avoid common security issues and problems on the internet.


Key Applications & Information is the third unit. This unit teaches you how to search the internet for information and how to organize it. It also teaches you how to show and interpret the information. These are just a few lessons from Key Applications & information:

Sources of Information: This lesson shows you how to find reliable sources that can provide information.
File Structures: Learn how files are organized online and on the computer essentials.
Creating tables, charts, or graphs: This course teaches you how to organize information into tables, charts and graphs that are easy to read and evaluate.