You need “computer shack” repair services

You may bring your computer or device in for a variety of reasons. Your computer or laptop may be running slower that a Commodore 64. You may find that your computer has decided to stop working on the project you have been working on for several months. Your computer might not be able to turn on. Perhaps you do not need your computer shack repaired, but you would like to have it customized. We can help you with that. We even build custom gaming systems.
Computer Shack provides more than just computer repair services in Bonney Lake Washington. You will be a satisfied customer because we provide high-quality service. All of our services come with free dust removal. We also offer the following services:


Let us recycle your electronics computer covers¬†when you are ready to replace the old piece of technology. There are many hazardous substances in electronics. Even tiny amounts can pose a danger to the environment. Protect the planet with e-cycling. We don’t accept CRT monitors, printers or TVs. You can bring any of these items and more to us:

* Cell Phones
* Cords
* CPUs
* Desktops
* Gaming and regular mice
* Hard Drives
* Keyboards
* Laptops
* Memory Upgrades
* Misc. * Misc.
* Mother Boards
* Networking Equipment
* Power Supplies
* Tablets
* Video Cards


This service allows us to run thorough hardware diagnostics on all the critical components. Once all tests pass, we then go into the computer’s program to find and fix the problem. We call you to let you know the results and what it will cost to fix it. We waive the $39 diagnostic charge if you choose to have your computer shack repaired. This applies to computers that POST.

Data Transfer

All your photos, documents, music, and other files can be transferred to us. Transfer your files from one computer shack to the next. We may or not be able transfer all of your programs depending on the circumstances. This is a great option if you have just purchased a new computer, and need everything transferred from the old one.

We first clean your computer shack of all debris and dust. Next, we check for any damaged or faulty components and look for any faulty capacitors. We then run extensive hardware diagnostics of your hard drive, RAM and motherboard. Once all hardware passes diagnostics we can begin to search for and remove adware and junk ware. Next, we repair corrupt registry files and fix broken shortcuts. Finally, we resolve browser and performance problems. The system’s functionality is then verified and defragmented. You will get a faster, more secure, and more efficient computer.