Digital marketing trends are constantly evolving, which means that businesses need to pivot and adapt to the ever-changing shifts in the online marketing industry. . What is working today may have a different online value tomorrow as digital marketing trends continue to grow and evolve at an exponential rate. In the better part of 2020, there was a vast increase in social media use due to the covid 19 pandemic, due to people being locked indoors with so much extra time on their hands and less to do. This in turn, resulted in more businesses investing in digital marketing than prior to the pandemic.

Additionally, as more employees continue to work remotely, digital marketing has become an even more integral part of running successful businesses and profitable companies.  With this in mind, we’ve outlined the latest trends in digital marketing.

More use of social media to influence and retain

In 2021, companies will be prepared to dedicate more resources to digital marketing campaigns. Marketers such as the digital marketing agency London are already ahead of the game, making lead generation and customer retention a top priority, something that will continue to be successful throughout 2021 and beyond. The covid 19 pandemics has propelled people into working with online businesses more frequently. It changed and transformed the way people interact with social media, with an increased amount of people now using it to search for brands, products, or services they can trust. Moreover, it provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to engage with new customers and retain the loyalty of existing ones, through relevant posts, updates, monitoring customer comments and reviews. This also helps to build a positive brand reputation, overall resulting in an increase in sales.

The growing trend of micro-influencers

Influencers are people who have a significant following on social media (often represented via the Instagram verified blue tick) commonly generated by producing engaging content. Influencers cover all platforms from,  Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Tik Tok.  Influencers often have huge followings, and their followers trust them, so they rely on the influencer when it comes to trusting specific brands.  When your business leverages the power of digital influencers, you can connect more with active customers, grow your brand, generate more leads and ultimately increase sales and ROI.  Already in 2021, we are seeing more brands use micro-influencers to tap into social media platforms at low marketing costs.

Video content marketing

The attention period of internet users continues to grow shorter every day. That is why video content marketing is rapidly becoming such a popular marketing strategy. Internet users prefer to view video content rather than reading through blocks of static text.  In 2021, try to leverage the power of video content marketing into your digital marketing strategy and produce engaging on-brand videos specifically tailored to your audience.  A well-thought-out video content marketing strategy is essential, especially if it goes viral.

Mobile inbound marketing

The number of mobile users grows every day, and people are using their mobile devices to consume online content and communicate now more than ever before. According to marketing experts, mobile marketing has considerable viral potential and produces instant results. As such, more brands should optimize their content and websites for mobile in 2021 and beyond.

Utilizing chatbots

Chatbots enhance customer communication and have become an integral part of the global user experience. Not only do they enhance content creation but they also allow companies to provide relevant data, source information, and answer customers queries in real-time, overall improving customer satisfaction. Through technology, chatbots are becoming smarter and are now able to support digital marketing campaigns seamlessly.

Looking Ahead

Digital marketing is about looking for the customer wherever they are and taking your brand to them. Since digital marketing trends keep evolving, be on the lookout for trending digital marketing strategies and think about how they can be adapted to your brand to increase ROI.