How to rent and operate a jet ski/boat

It’s hard for summer to come after a long and cold winter. My family has begun planning for our annual trip to northern Wisconsin. The weather is finally improving. I cannot wait to get on the jet ski and go for a spin around Lake Michigan. WAIV improves efficiency and simplifies team administration. Your team can multitask while still being available and ready for when the boat returns to port.

Many places offer jet ski rentals for one day or several weeks. Many places offer several options. This is great because not everyone loves the same thing. My West Bend Home and Highway (r) policy includes automatic coverage for physical damage if the jet ski is damaged. It also covers liability for any injuries that I may cause someone else by my driving.

This coverage is provided automatically and we don’t need to purchase insurance from the rental agency. My policy provides coverage for the homeowner’s section, but also covers the umbrella portion.

If you have a Home and Highway policy, you will also have this coverage. You only have as much coverage as the policy limits. If you have $100,000 homeowner’s personal insurance coverage, this will cover your jet ski or rented boat if you are liable for any injuries.

Your personal liability limit will also be affected by the physical damage limit. If you have $100,000 in personal liability, this is your physical damage coverage limit. This also covers damages to the jet ski or rented boat.

Keep in mind that this feature is part of West Bend’s Highway and Home policy. If you don’t have it, your agent might be able to help you determine if you are covered if you rent a jet ski or boat.

These safety tips and resources will help you stay safe while you are jet skiing or boating this summer.

Safety Tips

You should inspect the Jet Ski for signs of rust or corrosion before renting it. You should consider looking for another rental company if the Jet Ski looks tired and covered in rust. Jet Skis older than 10 years are less reliable and more prone to injuries.

You should look out for signs that the Jet Ski is in good condition. No matter what deal they offer, do not rent a Jet Ski if you find water leaks or holes. You should also check for any loose wires as they could pose a danger to your safety. Talk to the owner about the state of the impeller blades and pump. You must have these two items in good condition to enjoy a smooth Jet Ski ride.

Insure yourself: Mishaps can happen, even if you’re following all safety precautions. Ask for insurance coverage to ensure you are protected. Is insurance available for Jet Ski rental companies? Some Jet Ski rental companies offer insurance, while others do not. Only licensed companies will offer insurance coverage for those over a certain age.

You will learn how to use the Jet Ski. The Jet Ski Rental Company will provide you with a user manual and teach you how you can ride the Jet Ski. You will be given safety guidelines to follow in order to stay safe. They will also inform you what to do in an emergency.

Make sure you measure the size of your seat: Will you be riding alone? If so, you should choose a Jet Ski with only one seat. Renting a Jet Ski with two or more seats will cost you less. If you’re going to ride solo, those extra seats are not necessary.

Gas policy: Riders sometimes find out later that they must pay separate for gas after renting a Jet Ski. The gas tank in their Jet Ski wasn’t full when they rented it. You must inform the rental company if you don’t want these surprises.

Deposit requirements: Jet Ski rental companies may require deposits in advance in the event of an accident. Always verify with the rental company before you rent the Jet Ski.

Jet Ski scams are very common. You can avoid being accused of damaging a Jet Ski or being scammed by renting it. If you are wrongly accused, the photos will be there as proof. You will not be required to pay extra for false charges and can save money.