For the P8 and PineTime, as well as many other DaFit Smartwatches, we can create custom Arduino C++ firmware. Standby current consumption of 150-200uA. Current runtime is 92 hours with heavy notification and usage. Notification and basic menu system working. To enable PineTime Pinout, comment #define atcwatch  You can also check their pinout and make any necessary changes.

ATCWatch Arduino Firmware Works With PineTime, COLMIP8, “Da Fit” Smartwatches

Aaron Christophel reported earlier this week about fake heart rate sensors in ultra-low cost fitness trackers. He also maintains an open source project that is specific to the P8 watch, PineTime and other smartwatches compatible in Da Fit Android app: ATCwatch Arduino firmware.

The firmware includes a basic menu system and notifications. The latest implementation allows direct HTTP or HTTPS GET requests to control IoT devices, get information from the Internet, and enable direct HTTP/HTTPS GET requests. With heavy notifications and usage, the current firmware can last approximately 92 hours.

After the update is complete, D6 Notification App will be installed on your phone. Aaron YouTube channel has many videos that show how to use HTTP/HTTPS with the P8 watch.

Github has more information and the Arduino C++ firmware. You should be able modify the source code to adapt it to your watch’s pinout if you have another atcwatch that is compatible with the Da Fit app. You can always join the Discord server for help with porting firmware to your watch.

You can ship PineTime internationally, but we are unable to ship it to your country. If you want a atcwatch that you can tinker and hack with, check out the Wasp-os[1] Project which runs micropython using NRF52832 easily accessible devices.

Aaron’s ATCWatch[2] runs Arduino compatible firmware on chop shop these devices, and many more. His Daflasher application has made flashing firmware to NRF52832 devices possible without HW tinkering