Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 Overview: A great Convertible with yesterday’s exhibit

Lenovo’s Yoga 9i 14 — that the substitute for your own Yoga C940 — is also definitely an amazingly innovative semi 2 In 1 which arrives in 2 different flavors distinguished by a whole lot greater than just color.

The Shadow Black leather variant integrates an Edge-to-edge glass hands remainder, haptic touch-pad, and also a fingerprint reader togo for a leather coat onto the lid. Even the Mica-colored version includes a conventional hands on rest and touch pad and also a very easy metallic lid. Plus so they cost exactly the exact same — move figure. Even the Mica variant is a much direct replacement the Yoga C940 and provides an even more conventional 2 In 1 working encounter, which increases the issue: If you believe that the Mica variant minus the additional inventions?

We attempted that a well configured Mica Device, using a Topoftheline 11th-gen Intel Tiger Lake Core i7-1185G7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, also a 512GB PCI-E solidstate generate (SSD), and also a complete high definition (1,920 x 1,080) IPS exhibit. This setup is 1,380 at Greatest Purchase pricing with all the finest 2 In 1 laptop computers, however competitive using machines that are similar.


Much like the Majority of mid range and improved Lenovo Laptop Computers, That the Yoga 9i 14 feels solidly assembled. I can not get any such thing to bend or bend, for example, lid, and the keyboard , and also the stairs underside. Honestly this notebook is powerful like a stone, also at an identical category while the H-P Spectre X 360 14, ” the Dell XPS 1 3, and also the Apple MacBookPro 1 3. Even the Yoga’s rigid hinge does call for 2 fingers, however, it’s a fantastic job of trying to keep the 2 In 1 from the desirable manner, make sure it clam-shell, press, tent, or even pill computer.

The Yoga 9i 14 follows Lenovo’s Recent penchant for clean, simple layouts with no bling. The aluminum stairs at the”Mica” (gentle gray-silver) coloration appears dull aside from just 2 stand out functions: the top notch on summit of the exhibit to your webcam and also the Dolby Atmos sound-bar incorporated in to the hinge (a lot much more about this later on ). In contrast to this Spectre X 360 14 as well as also the XPS 1 3, the Yoga 9i 14 will not stick outside. That is okay, however, as it looks desirable, and I am convinced you will find lots of end consumers that want a design that is simpler. Let us call it”understated elegance” and leave it in the.

Even the Yoga 9i 14 has little bezels across the very best And every facet, however, the eyebrow is only actually just a bit substantial — as is the case with 2-in-1s that want more hinges. This means it is even a much bigger 14-inch notebook but undoubtedly not exactly the littlest there are. Even the MSI status 14 Evo,” by way of instance, is only marginally smaller at thickness and width (even though we are speaking fractions of a inch ), however it is thicker compared to the Yoga 9i 14 in 0.63 inches vs. 0.57 to 0.61 in.. The Yoga is a bit weightier in 3.02 lbs as opposed to 2.84 lbs. Compare it to this H-P Spectre X 360 14in that is sold at at 0.67 inches along with 2.95 lbs.

Connectivity is rather thin to get a 14-inch Notebook. You have just two Thunderbolt 4 interfaces, a single USB 3.2 jack, and also a 3.5millimeter audio jack, most which can be all on the rear side of this notebook. On most 14-inch laptop computers, you will receive multiple usb a interfaces, also a full-sized HDMI interface, plus a micro sd card reader, however, perhaps maybe not the following. You can get wi fi and blue tooth 5.0, which means that your wireless connectivity is left all up currently.


My inspection unit has been outfitted with all the speediest Tiger Lake CPU, the quad Core i7-1185G7, also it played so. Round the board, the Yoga proved to be aggressive with all our present Tiger Lake laptop computers database, which likewise places it on cover of the listing of Intel U Series chips.

Back in Geekbench 5, also the Yoga 9i 14 scored 1,532 in The single-core evaluation and 5,415 from the multi core evaluation. Even the Dell XPS 1 3 9310 along with MSI status 14 Evo together using the exact same CPU scored 1,549 along with 5,431 along with 1,593 along with 5,904, respectively. Be aware that each one of those machines will be much significantly faster compared to Intel 10th-gen laptop computers however well supporting the AMD Ryzen 4000 show and Apple Silicon’s m-1.

The Yoga 9i 14 failed much better within our Hand-brake evaluation, Which encodes a 420MB online movie clip as H.265. I utilised the Yoga’s overall functionality usefulness which offers battery up life economy, clever cooling (the default option ), and also extreme operation styles to learn just how much pruning can be found, and also shifting out of cooling to overall effectiveness generated a difference. In default style, the Yoga required 3.45 moments to finish the evaluation, in comparison to 2.85 moments in operation manner. That is faster compared to the Dell XPS 1 3 in operation manner (that the Dell has been only a couple minutes speedier in default style ) but lesser compared to MSI status 14 Evo, that required 2.7 seconds. Yet again, all these scores are a lot faster compared to Intel 10th-gen laptop computers however slower compared to the AMD Ryzen along with also the Apple m-1 by means of a edition of hand-brake that is optimized for this particular chip.

Back in Cinebench R-23, the Yoga 9i 14 handled 1,441 In single-core manner, also 4,988 at multi core manner, the two with operation flipped forth. Once more, it out performed the XPS 1 3 but could not stay informed about this MSI status 14 Evo. Intel 1oth-gen CPUs had been abandoned while the Apple m-1 was substantially quicker. We’ve never analyzed the AMD Ryzen processors on this particular specific edition of Cinebench.