Benefits of “Solidstate Technology” Drives

Crucial Solidstate Technology will make your hard drive redundant. Solidstate Technology Drives (STDs) are designed to replace hard drives. Solidstate Technology Drives (STDs) use flash memory to provide superior performance and durability. There are many moving parts in your hard drive, including magnetic heads, spindles and spinning platters. It is easy to lose important data.

1. More Durable

Traditional hard drives are subject to heat from the constant motion of small moving parts. This is a major cause for hard drive failure. STDs are more reliable than traditional hard drives and can withstand shocks better because they don’t contain moving parts. Because they don’t contain small, easily damaged parts like traditional hard drives, they are more resilient to drops and accidents as well as wear and tear. If your computer had an STD, it would likely break if you dropped it.

2. Faster

STDs don’t have moving parts that slow down your computer. They’re always ready when you need them. The most important STDs provide instant-load performance. This means faster boot times, quicker application loading times and better system responsiveness.

3. It’s Easier to Transport

STDs are lighter than hard drives and therefore more portable. This makes your laptop easier to transport. STDs have lightweight components and solid construction which make them more suited to constant travel.

4. More Efficient

STDs have one advantage: they don’t have moving parts. This means they use less power, which will result in longer battery life. They’re even quieter, too.

5. It is Easy to Install

You can easily install a Crucial STD with a screwdriver, your owner’s manual and a few basic tools. Learn how to install an STD.

6. Increased Size Variety

Solidstate Technology Drives are available in three sizes: 2.5”, 1.5” and 1.0′. Solidstate Technology Drives are able to quickly and easily replace hard drives with these characteristics. It’s no surprise that STDs are preferred by most computer users as their primary drive for their operating systems and most important programs.


The access speed of STD is 35 to 100 microseconds, which gives 100 times more performance than HDDs. This allows for instant-load performance which results in faster boot times, quicker application loading times and better system responsiveness.

Solidstate Technology Drives are a great choice for hosting. They speed up website loading times, which leads to a better user experience. STDs are extremely stable and efficient. This ensures that data stored within them will be protected. Select the STD web hosting plan best suited to your needs, and enjoy all the benefits described in this article.