What are the competitive ranks of Overwatch?

Overwatch boosting service is a popular shooter on the market. It’s not hard to see why. The characters are bright, colorful, expressive, as well as able to offer different gameplay options than others. You don’t have to be a great player to have fun, it doesn’t matter what character you choose. For players who are willing to push their strategies and skills beyond the limit, however, there is a high skill ceiling.


What are the competitive ranks of Overwatch?

  • How to be competitively placed
  • How to level up and down
  • Playing ranked with a team
  • How the seasons work

Overwatch, like most online shooters has multiple modes including competitive. If you want to play the game more seriously, you can join a team and compete against like-minded players. Major tournaments are held with thousands of spectators and cash prizes. The ranking system means that competitive mode is not limited to the best players. It can be difficult to grasp the concept of competitive ranks. Here are some things you should know.

What are the competitive ranks of Overwatch?

Every game that has a competitive mode offers some kind of ranking system. These can be in the form of raw numbers, military ranks, or a unique naming system. No matter what rank they are called, all ranks are trying to accomplish the same thing: Match players against those with similar skill levels. Although it doesn’t always go as planned, the system is generally good enough.

Overwatch’s competitive ranks can be distinguished by different metals, which relate to your Skill rating. We’ll get into more detail below. Skill Rating can range from 0 to 5,000 with different ranks breaking down that range.

Bronze: This rank is for anyone who has a Skill Rating between 1 to 1,499 and is considered the lowest. If a player decides to switch to competitive mode, this is the place they will be seated. The Bronze rank is casual and serves as a training ground to help new players get used to Overwatch in a more serious manner than other modes. This rank is used to learn things such as how to work together with your teammates, how your heroes work, and which hero or heroes you want to concentrate on.

Silver: You can reach 1,500 but not below 1,999 to achieve the silver rank. While this level has a wider pool of players than the bronze rank, it is still where most players end up while they figure things out. This is where you will need to know which character you are most comfortable with and how they work together in a team dynamic. To be as helpful and efficient as possible, you will need to know at least the layout of all maps.

Gold: This is where things get serious. However, this rank tends to be where most Overwatch players end up. This rank includes everyone from 2,000 to 2,499 and is where team composition, communication, and teamwork really matter. This rank is very unpredictable and you don’t want to go in by yourself. Sometimes you may meet people who are willing and able to coordinate. Other times, you might be matched with uncooperative players. Finding a team that you can work with is key to getting through gold.

Platinum: Players who have a skill rating of between 2,500 and 2,999 can attain the platinum rank. Many consider this rank to be a barrier in the Overwatch competitive scene. To break through this rank, you will need to be able to understand not only the maps and what your hero can do but also nearly all other heroes. You must be able identify and mitigate threats, and also recognize opportunities that could benefit you and push them when necessary. It is important to have a team that can work together and counter the opponent.

Diamond: You can reach the diamond rank by achieving between 3,000 to 3,499 Skill Rating. This means you are already an Overwatch player. You and your team must have preplanned strategies, callouts and backup plans for each match. You will be able to defeat similarly skilled opponents if you have good coordination. Any misstep or being too aggressive can make it difficult to win. To add some stress, if your rating isn’t maintained at a high level, you will lose your platinum rank.

Masters: Only a fraction of Overwatch players can achieve the 3,500-3,999 Skill Rating necessary to reach the masters rank. Although technically possible for normal players, masters will require you and your team to enjoy the game beyond casual play. To be able to achieve masters level play in Overwatch, you and your team will need to put in a lot of practice.

Grandmaster: This rank is technically the highest in Overwatch. To be considered a grandmaster, you will need to have a Skill Rating above 4,000. This rank is not something that the average player can achieve. It is reserved for professional players who play in tournaments and stream Overwatch. This rank is easy to identify from its name. This rank is not for you if you aren’t already an expert in the game.

Top 500: Although technically not a rank, every region where the game is played, including North America, Europe and Asia, has its own top 500 ranking. This rank is awarded to only the top 500 players with a Skill Rating of over 4,000. Each rank has a specific number. They can watch it change as they win or lose matches with other players.