Why a Plain Post on Social Media is Better Than No Post

Social media has many formats of content and many ways it can be approached by companies and individuals. When looking at social media from an outsider’s point of view, it can be hard to decide the type of content your company should post. However, if this is stopping you from posting — you should let go. Here are some of the reasons why.

No Reach

Sadly, no posts mean no reach or engagement. If you’re posting a simple plain image that promotes service and simply states, “We love cars,” then you’re already winning over those companies who don’t post anything at all. Of course, quality content is important. Any¬†social media management¬†expert would know. However, by simply posting a few words, notices, or even a few images of your day in work can be a major boost to your small, growing business.

They Don’t Bite

The truth is, the creators of content are the ones that think the most about the content they put out there. If you post a boring post, the audience won’t bite you — they simply won’t engage. This isn’t the end of the world. At least they say your content; this keeps you on their minds, especially if they might require your service soon.

It Inspires You

If you’re a person that likes to review and improve on their previous work, then having even some content will help you do that. For example, if you shoot a plain still video of your store to promote it as part of your post at least something campaign. Then, the next time you post, you can build up on it and maybe add a voiceover or an extra shot of speaking. By creating something, at least you’ll have something to improve upon rather than stand still and lose out on potential clients.