Boa Technology is a must-see at any Outdoor Retailer event. The company will offer free retrofitting their cable lacing system to customers during the event’s four-day duration. This system is something you may have heard of but not tried. This article will provide information about Boa Technology and the unique closure system.

Gary Hammerslag, a Steamboat Springs, CO resident, founded the company in 1998. He was tired of tying his children’s snowboard boots and ice skates every day and wanted a better solution. To replace regular boots laces, he decided to use stainless steel wires. The technology evolved into a reel-and-steel cable system. His unique lacing system made tightening boots easy and prevented them from coming apart during activities. Vans’ and K2’s snowboard divisions created the first Boa Technology boot systems with Boa laces in 2001.

Boa Technology moved from Steamboat Springs alien technology strain, CO to Denver, CO to expand their talent pool and meet a growing market. Denver was a great match for their young, active, and passionate outdoor community. The company has seen tremendous growth since their move, with over 40 new employees in the last year.

Boa Technology was discovered by me while I was working as a photographer on Vail Mountain. I struggled with my boots for long periods of standing, and had to constantly tighten them. Boa Technology was a simple choice because of the constant untying and tying. I would jump on the lift with my boots secured and ready to go. When I reached my shooting location, the turn dial was easily popped free. The boots instantly loosened. Ready to ride again I just pushed the dial into lock position and tightened it in 20 seconds.

The three parts of the system are a dial and lace. The technology is constantly being improved and expanded by the company. Each part has become more specific to each product and use. Despite the growth, the system still has its three main parts.

Boa Technology’s failure rate is less than 1% of all dials worldwide. It is important to remember that the system is designed for failure at the place. If the laces break, contact their warranty department. Boa will provide instructions and a kit for replacing the lace, dial, and other parts under their “Dialed In for Life Guarantee.” They are interested in hearing about any failures on the ground in order to improve their products and work with engineers.

Boa Technology is 100% behind its products and supports the outdoor lifestyle that their products enable their customers to enjoy.