Computer facial:Recognition works

Computer facial recognition uses artificial intelligence (AI), which compares Computer Facial images to determine if there is a match. It can identify if two Computer Facial pictures are from the same person and can match any Computer Facial images in a database. These are known as 1:N and 1:1 matching, respectively.

Computer facial recognition software applications

Model for basic face identification

This is used in apps such as Instagram. This software uses a smartphone camera to identify Computer Facial features. It identifies eyes, nose and mouth positions. Once the features are defined, the software uses algorithms to focus on the face to determine if the eyes or mouth are open and which direction it is facing. These actions are not face identification. They are simply programmatic actions used by the software to scan the camera for faces computer air duster.

Model for basic face identification and matching

This programmatic principle calculates the distance between your Computer Facial characteristics features by taking a photo of your face. The measurements are the same as the previous one, including the eyes, nose and mouth. This principle can be used whenever you need to prove your identity. Apple Face ID is one example.

Model for database match

This is the best way to identify faces for security purposes, promotional purposes or any other purpose where face recognition technology could be used. Although database matching is different from the other methods, it is very similar to cell phone face identification models. Database matching is the process of comparing a person’s face to a database that has already been established by the operator. The camera captures the person’s facial features, then matches them to a database. If there is a match, an action predetermined takes place such as opening a door. Although any database can theoretically be used, and any action can be taken based on the wishes and requirements of the operator, the fundamental principle of operation remains the same.

3D Face Recognition: What is the secret?

Some solutions use 3D, while most others use the 2D method. 3D face identification uses a different technique than 2D. Instead of measuring distance between Computer Facial features, it uses a technique called lidar. Lidar is a similar method to sonar. The IR camera records the reflections of the matrix that is pushed on top of your face.