The Best “Cube Computer Case” for 2020

The Best Cube Computer Cases for 2020

Although not as well-known as mini-ITX or PSU shrouds or tempered side panels, the shaped cube computer case is gaining popularity among PC builders. A cube-shaped computer case can be mini-ITX, or a PSU shroud or have tempered glass panels.
There are many cube cases on the market that can provide a wide variety of features. Cube cases can be used to accommodate E-ATX motherboards. They also come in smaller sizes and are great for liquid cooling.

Here’s a quick look at the Best Cube Computer Case

We’ve selected four of the best cube cases on the market. Our favorite cube-style cube case (with price included) is the one that we believe has the most innovative design, best value, and offers the best value for money .A Computer Essentials few honorable mentions are also included in this post.

We choose the Corsair CarbideAir 540 as our bestall-around cube computer case. Although you can make a case here for the Thermaltake CoreX5 here at $120 the CarbideAir 540 is almost $40 cheaper. We decided to give it the edge.
The Carbide Air 540 can accommodate graphics cards up to 12.6 inches in length and CPU coolers up up to 6.7 inches tall. There are cases that can hold graphics cards up to 12.6 inches long, but there are GTX 1080 Tis that can fit graphics cards shorter than 12.6 inches. This case can house as powerful a gaming system as you want, and it’s also very performance-oriented.

The Air 540 can hold any type of motherboard, even larger ATX boards. The case includes three Corsair Air Series A140L fans and two additional fans that can be added to the top.

Anidees AI Crystal Cube

Although Anidees is not a well-known brand among case makers, it’s easy to fall in love with their AI Crystal Cube cases. We loved the design of the AI Crystal Cube so much that it was our favorite cube computer case.

The Crystal Cube, which costs $170, is the most expensive of these options. It might not be an option for everyone. It comes with 3 tempered glass panels of 5mm thickness on the front and both sides, and 5 RGB fans. The case is quite expensive, with the fans from Anidees selling for close to $60 each.

If you have the money and want a case with a cube shape that stands out, we recommend the AI Crystal. The tempered glass and RGB fans make it one of our favorite cases.