How to Make an “Egg Mobile”

An egg mobile allows egg-laying chickens to follow the dairy cows, fertilize the pasture and scratch the manure left behind by the cows. This allows chickens to add to their diet while producing eggs that we can enjoy.

We started with a 6 x 4 foot old derelict car trailer. This is the trailer, which was parked in our workshop. Our current interns are learning how to recycle metal to make a solid egg mobile. This egg mobile is small enough to be used on a small farm.

Attached to the side, the egg laying container allows eggs to be taken outside and not have to be brought inside. This makes it easy to harvest eggs. The egg laying boxes provide comfort for chickens, which is why they lay many eggs.

This is how we attach the lid to the egg laying container that will hang from the side of the egg mobile. The slope is so that the rain doesn’t run off.
Collect our eggs carefully so that they don’t get disturbed mobile fortress.

Now, we will set up the frame. To build the frame and roof for our egg mobile, we are using 19mm2 tubing. Students are learning basic farm engineering and welding.

David Spicer proudly presents the finished egg mobile. They are strong because the perches have been welded in place. The top has a grill that is welded to it. This allows for good ventilation in the summer heat. We can attach the egg mobile to our four-wheel drive, so it’s ready to take this to the paddock.

The back door has a welded grill that serves as a perch for the chickens. It folds down and acts as a ramp to allow the chickens access the egg mobile at night. To avoid foxes, they will be keen to get in at night.

This is the story about our egg mobile. We chose not to use hybrid chickens, which can lay 7 eggs per week, but the true New Hampshire strain which is expected to lay 5 eggs per week. There are 27 chickens that can roost, and 3 of them are roosters. This leaves us with 24 egg layers, which means we can lay 10 dozen eggs per week. We have an excellent egg supply and a better pasture, which means we can make delicious pancakes, omelets, and other egg dishes. We get lots of milk from our cows and calves for beef from them. Our farm runs more efficiently thanks to our egg mobile. It is a great experience for us and our animals.