Your Car as a “Mobile Fortress”

The worst is over, it’s the end. With the help of the family car, you and your family have managed to escape the worst. There is no place to go and the outside cold is just as dangerous as the one you’ve just saved your family from. This cumbersome family vehicle is your rescue, your salvation, and your savior. These are some tips to make your car a mobile fortress that can make the difference between life or death.

Do not let the Fuel or Battery die

Although this may seem obvious, it is important to make sure you don’t use too much fuel. You will likely find heavy traffic around you, making it difficult to travel for extended periods of time. Stop the engine. Do your best not to panic. Instead, just sit there and rev the engine. mobile fortress Make sure you don’t eat the car’s battery. This could make the difference between escape and being trapped. It is impossible to predict when or where the next fuel injection will occur. Do not fill your car with unnecessary fuel. Here’s the next point.

Use the car smartly

You don’t have to keep important survival items in bulk. They can simply be carried around in your car. In many cases, a tool kit is essential. You can use it to fix things or help you get into areas that are not allowed. You can replace heavy, bulky tool boxes with a lightweight shoe box. You can save space and reduce the weight. You should also bring a small first aid kit. If you’re not a licensed medical practitioner, don’t take items that you aren’t confident with. They can cause as many problems and take up valuable space mobile vehicle bay.

Bring the Kitchen

Mobile fortress is important to keep tinned food in your car at all time. These goods can last for a very long time, and may be required if you are extradited. You can also bring all types of food and use your car to prepare them if you have to leave quickly. You can prepare meat, fish, and vegetables using only your car’s engine. This makes the most of what you have and increases spirit in the camp.

However, there are some important things to keep in mind when cooking with your engine. First, don’t risk damaging your engine. It is the most important piece of kit you have. Do not place food on the engine’s moving parts. You can ensure a safe cook by using stationary components. Avoid yanking or moving wires.