How to build the “mobile vehicle bay”

This stage is the easiest because the Mobile Vehicle Bay is constructed with components that are easily found and built quickly.

Mobile Vehicle Bay: Titanium Ingot x1, Lubricant x1, Power Cell x1

Once you have your bay, you can take it out into the ocean to deploy it. It will then unfold into a platform that floats on water. You can stand on it and it will be equipped with a screen that lets you select the type of building you want. You now have the tools but the knowledge is still needed Mobile Massage.

Where can I find Seamoth Fragments?

Seamoth fragments are mostly found in an area of dark red grass. This area is known by the game as “Grassy Plateaus”. It borders the Shallows. You can find it by just circling around the biome’s boundary. Although this area isn’t entirely safe due to the presence of sand sharks, tigers, and other plants, a Seaglide will be able to outpace them. Keep close to the surface to look for wreckage. These will often have Seamoth fragments nearby.

How to Make a Seamoth?

Once you have the blueprints and the Bay, all you need is the Mobile Vehicle Bay. Although the Shallows contain fragments, all you need to make the Seamoth is located close to your pod. This area is the most secure in the game. Below is a complete list of all components.

Seamoth: Titanium Ingot x1, Power Cell x1, Glass x2, Lubricant x1, Lead x1

After you click the icon, the drones in the Bay will take off and fly up to you to build the Seamoth. Congratulations! You now have your very own submarine.

Subnautica Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments

Subnautica is an open-world underwater survival game by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Gamers must collect resources to create functional objects and keep alive. Subnautica, and its sequel, will be available on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. Many more people will want to find the Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments.

To build rockets, submarines and prawn suits in Subnautica, players will need to assemble Mobile Vehicle Bay. These blueprints are required, but they will not be available until the player scans three Fragments.

The Cutter will also be required to open the door on the left. The third Fragment is located on the floor, just below the table and to the left of that door. Once the last Fragment is in your hands, you can use the Fabricator to build the Mobile Vehicle Bay and then go back to mining resources. Subnautica Players must know how to obtain diamonds in order to acquire the Prawn Suit.