Is the “Razer Gigantus” a control device?

The Razer Gigantus achieves a perfect balance between speed and control. The is neither a speed pad or a control pad. However, if you are looking for absolute control and relentless speed, the Razer Gigantus is definitely the right choice.

Is the Razer Gigantus V2 machine washable?

If your pad is coated, you should not wash it. I just put mine in the tub with warm water and whatever body wash/shampoo I have. It can also be scrubbed with a towel.

Do you need to wash your mousepad?

You can wash the mouse pad in a washer computer gloves without causing irreparable damage. The wash cycle is not complicated, but I do recommend that you avoid hot water. Although the top surface of the pad is cloth, it still contains rubber and bass flutes rubber melts.

How can you clean mouse pads with a hard surface?

Here are the steps:

Warm water, hand or dish soap and warm water should be added to the sink or bathtub.

Place mousepad in.

You can lightly rub the mousepad’s surface with a sponge (or use a little more pressure if you have more stubborn stains).

  • Make sure to rinse the mousepad well with soap.
  • Dry the mousepad.

How can I connect my razer gigantus mouse pad with my synapse

Step 1: Connect your device with the USB port on your computer. Step 2: Install Razer Synapse when prompted* or download the installer from Step 3: Register for a RazerID or log in with an existing Synapse account. *Applicable to Windows 8 and later.

Do you have the right to register a razer gigantus mousepad?

Register your product online at razerid. razer gigantus/warranty to get real-time information on your product’s warranty status. Register now at if you don’t have a Razer ID to receive a variety of Razer benefits. 6-month limited manufacturer’s warranty.