Water Filter Jugs & Refrigerator “Water Filter”

You might be wondering if water filter jugs or refrigerator filters are really worth the effort. Is it really necessary to filter water or can we just use the tap as a source of water? What are the advantages of fridge and jug filters over other filtration methods.

We have listed all the benefits of filtering tap water in a jug, or by using your fridge’s built.

Filters Remove Water Filter Contaminants

Activated carbon is used to cooking oil filter water in jugs and refrigerator filters. Carbon is great at absorbing non-harmful chemicals, such as Chlorine or Chloride, and other undesirable elements that might accidentally enter your water supply. These include certain chlorine byproducts that are known to cause harm to the health.

Filters can also be used to remove pesticides, herbicides and nitrates from the water supply. These poisons can cause problems in the long-term and can enter the water supply. Carbon can also ivc filter trace pharmaceuticals, microplastics.

Smells and Tastes Better Water Filter

Most of the substances that filters remove are harmless to your health. In fact, many of them have been deliberately added to the water in order to purify it. Why would you want to remove them? Chloride and chlorine affect the taste of water, which is why filtered water tastes better.


This method of filtering water at your home is convenient. You can have fresh, cold at your fingertips if you have a refrigerator with a jug or an in-built filter.

Although a faucet hepa filter is easy to find, it can’t guarantee that the will stay cold. So jugs or fridge filters are the best options.


Another advantage is that fridge and jug filters are extremely affordable. They can last up to 6 months and only need to be changed 2 to 3 times per year. It is very important that you change them. Filters can become contaminated with contaminants over time and could pose a health risk.

Reduce Waste

Bottled water is the only way to ensure safe drinking water for your family and yourself if you don’t common filters it at home. Your carbon footprint with bottled water will be greater than with a filter, regardless of whether you use a water cooler or small bottles.

Plastic pollution is a serious problem in Australia. You might believe recycling is the solution. However, only 16% of Australia’s plastic waste is recycled and the remainder end up in landfill.

Filtering your water at home is good news for the planet. It also ensures you have safe, clean drinking water. It is hard to imagine a better investment than this one. There are no reasons to not hydraulic filters your water at your home.