The skin must be dried at the optimum level of internal moisture after the tanning process. To ensure the leather’s surface quality and physical characteristics, this process should be done under controlled and reproducible tentacle locker conditions. You can drying machinery¬† do this by drying the leather in tunnels or vacuum dryers for a few hours, or by using toggling systems or other dry methods depending on the product and the leather finish.

National Corporation

Buhler Aeroglide’s division is National Drying Machinery Corporation. National is well-known in the potato industry because of its preheaters and blanchers.

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National Drying Machinery CompanyThe National Drying Machinery Company has been a global leader in the production of high-quality industrial thermal processing equipment. National dryers can process capacities from 1 ton per hour to 100 tons per annum of Foods.

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Aeroglide’s product range and market reach have been expanded by the acquisition of National Drying Machinery Co.

Aeroglide Corp., an N.C. supplier of thermal processing equipment, acquired National Drying Machinery Co., Phila- delphia. The combination of the two brands allows the group to be a leader in almost every sector they supply thermal processing equipment.

Aeroglide was founded in 1940 and supplies industrial dryers and ovens, roasters, and coolers for products such as pet food and ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. Aeroglide is also a leader in sanitary design, as well as being experts in the science and technology of heat transfer and airflow.

National, a company that dates back to 1980, manufactures dryers and dehydration equipment in the synthetic fiber and nonwoven, textile, French fry, fruit and vegetable, and chemical industries.

This acquisition comes less than two year after Aeroglide bought Food Engineering Corp., Minneapolis. It expands the company’s ability to service customers in a wide variety of markets.

Aeroglide President and CEO J. Fredrick Kelly Jr. stated that “this marriage between these two world class suppliers makes sense because of the tremendous synergies on terms of design and coverage.” Aeroglide acquires National Drying Machinery to reduce shipping and shop-assembly cost and add value to our existing dryer designs,” Kelly stated.