What is “interdisciplinary science”?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about interdisciplinary science. Are we reversing the clock and doing science as it was in the 19th century, or is this something new?

Science is all about understanding the world’s nature and mechanisms. Science today tells us that nature is a continuum from the physical solidstate technology world to the chemical world to the biological world.

Was it necessary to divide science into different disciplines in order to teach science at colleges and schools? Today, school children are taught that Newtonian mechanics refers to Physics, and Darwinian Evolution refers to biology. This makes them assume that Newtonian mechanics is not applicable to biological systems or there is nothing to take from Physics/chemistry/mathematics to learn/research evolution. Biology is a major victim in the Indian context.

interdisciplinary science 

It is easy to access information via the internet rpi computer science and computers, which makes it easier to remember facts or avoid forgetting too much. For research, however, vertical depth is still necessary in any discipline or sub-field. How can we practice interdisciplinary science? Is this possible? Here’s a solution.

All school students should be taught science as a single subject. Introduce them to physics concepts and demonstrate how physical entities interact to create new products (chemistry). Next, teach them how the self-organizing system (biological universe) is an extension and continuation of these two phenomena. The college level may require you to be able to teach science in a more detailed manner. All students need to learn physics, maths and biology as complements of science. Vertical depth should only be acquired at postgraduate level in sub-fields or disciplines that are required for research.

Begin Specializing In Your Sophomore Year

Flexible, the interdisciplinary science degree program allows you to specialize in almost any scientific field. 

There are also core courses and carefully chosen electives. This interdisciplinary science program has options that focus on military science and aeronautics.

Military Science Option – The military science option aligns with the Panther ROTC Battalion in order to assist students in phenix technology becoming well-rounded and well-trained US Military Officers. A science degree for military graduates will have a broad appreciation of science and its role in society and specific tools to help them succeed in their careers.