Season 11: “Outrageous Acts of Science”

American documentary television show Outrageous Acts Of Science. The cast includes Helen Arney and Debbie Berebichez as well as Hakeem Oluseyi and Tim Dadabo. Science aired Outrageous Acts Of Science for the first time on November 28, 2012. There have been ten seasons so far. Based on 253 votes, the series currently holds a rating of 7.2 out 10 IMDb.

Science has not yet officially renewed Outrageous request technology Acts of Science season. The release date of Outrageous Acts of Science season is not yet set.

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Science has yet not been officially renewed Outrageous Acts of Science season 11. The new season has not been released as of August 2021. As soon as more information becomes available, we will update this post. Register below to receive updates about the premiere of season 11, and join the discussion in our forums.

Outrageous Acts Of Science 2

Science Channel’s fast-paced countdown series interdisciplinary science, OUTRAGEOUS ACTINGS OF SCIENCE, is back with more mind-boggling inventions and scientific feats. Self-proclaimed scientists all over the internet are documenting their bizarre experiments and misadventures. Our team of science experts is available to help you choose the best. You can forget everything you thought you knew when OUTRAGEOUS AFFECTS OF SCIENCE airs Saturday, June 20th at 10 PM ET/PT on Science Channel.

Producers continue to search the internet for the most amazing stunts and mind-blowing displays science in action. Technology supported Every episode features twenty clips, while real scientists break down the science behind the backyard experiments. Recurring favorites include Hakeem Oluseyi, an astrophysicist, and Debbie Berebichez, a physicist.