Stonehill Computer Science: What is it?

We have two definitions for computer science: one is more technical than the other. Both emphasize theoretical foundations and hardware and software design. Stonehill Computer Science curriculum reflects this mix of theory and practice. The Computer Science courses at Stonehill fall into three categories that overlap: computer theory (hardware), computer architecture (hardware), or computer software.

Computer theory courses provide the foundation for technology of tomorrow. Students study theory topics such as “computability”, “finite-state machines”, and “graph theory” along with the design and analysis algorithms.

The architecture sequence is made up of gateways to science several courses that explore the computer’s “underside”. One course in the architecture sequence allows students to design small computers by using some mathematical theory. Students can learn about computer hardware through architecture courses.

The curriculum’s software component begins with basic computer programming, then moves on to more advanced topics such as database management systems, artificial Intelligence, and operating system design. Seniors, working together, create large software systems using software engineering principles.

Computer science majors gain a deep understanding of each subject area through problem solving and laboratory work. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills to enter the computer industry and continue their graduate studies in computer science.

What is Stonehill Computer Science?

Stonehill Computer Science is the study of computer and computational systems. Computer science is a discipline that focuses on improving the efficiency of processes and giving them intelligence. This discipline covers theoretical research on algorithms as well as practical problems in implementation of software and computational hardware . Computer science is characterized by the intermingling between the theory of computability, algorithmic efficiency, and modern technological advances in electronics. These concepts continue to drive innovation in computer science. This close interaction between the design and theoretical aspects of the field is what binds them together to form a single discipline.

Students Create Software Program to Benefit Local School for the Blind

Stonehill Computer Science students have created a fully accessible time tracking system that allows Watertown students to be more independent. As part of their last semester’s Computer Science majors, Stonehill students worked with two interdisciplinary majors in technology to complete the project.

Senior Capstone. The seniors completed the Senior Capstone. Matt Plummer ’15 collaborated closely with Perkins to implement the program. It was a challenging but very rewarding learning experience.